The Creative Dance Studio @ Nautilus

Nuturing Creativity!

         At the Creative Dance Studio, we are passionate about the many benefits of arts education.  We believe that process is just as important as product especially for our young students; that the lessons children learn about themselves in perfecting a step are just as valuable as the perfect step.  Through teaching proper dance technique and class etiquette, we hope to develop in the children the motivation and self-discipline that will spill over into other areas of their lives, building lasting self-esteem.  Teaching children creativity develops problem solving skills that will benefit all areas of their lives. 

“The value of the dance, its greatest value, is in the intangibles.  Success in the dance cannot be measured by a tape, weighed on scales, nor timed with a stopwatch.  It demands an awareness and sensitivity in the dancer’s soul and in the soul of the beholder who partakes, vicariously, empathetically, in the dance.”  Ted Shawn 

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Program Director, Rachel Brady has been teaching dance  for 25 years.  She holds a  B.A. in dance from SIUE and has  danced professionally in St. Louis and New York.  She has taught dance, musical theater, gymnastics and Mommy and Me classes at the West Side YMCA in NYC, at COCA in St. Louis and many other local studios.  She also choreographs for the Alton High School Musical and for Alton Little Theatre.   She choreographed and performed in the 60X60 project at the Sheldon in St. Louis.

Scott Brady holds bachelor’s degrees in both  Theatre and elementary Education.   He has performed professionally and conducted children’s workshops with the Black Repertory Theatre Company, the New Theatre and Muny First Stage in St. Louis.  He taught for the Arts in August summer camp at the West Side YMCA and directed plays for Alton Children’s Theatre.  He has 3 children ages 6, 8, and 11.  He teaches 1st grade at West Elementary.